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Friendly tourguide with his Volkswagen van

My name is Gijs, born and raised in Katwijk aan Zee, and I have been the proud owner of a beautiful 1976 Volkswagen bus for almost twenty years.

After traveling extensively throughout Europe, mainly on surf trips, I renovated the Volkswagen bus in 2018 and started a wedding transportation business called While chauffeuring bridal parties around this beautiful area, I was inspired to show people from all over the world how stunning this part of the Netherlands is. In 2022, I launched the sightseeing tour called Tulip Safari, which takes place among the flowers and tulip fields in the region near the famous attraction 'De Keukenhof'.

In addition to the beautiful flower fields, this region has so much more to offer and discover, leading to the creation of Typical Dutch Tour.

Typical Dutch Tour

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